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Faith Based Treatment Programs in Kansas


Faith based treatment programs in Kansas are available for those who either would like to find support through their church, or who might be looking for something new to help them through recovery. Faith based treatment programs are a combination of traditional recovery programs, and a faith based healing aspect that brings in a higher power and also the support of others in a community. 

Faith Based Recovery Options

While an individual may need to first go through an inpatient program and physically detox from drugs or alcohol in Kansas, this can be done in a center that is designed around faith based principles and will use guidance for long-term recovery. This can strengthen one’s recovery because they can focus their energy on religion as well, and they can learn from this and stay dedicated to their healing.

Education on spiritual principles can give an individual in recovery something to focus on and reflect on their own actions. This can help a recovering addict move forward and follow faith based principles that will hopefully foster sobriety over time. Whether or not an individual is coming back to a church that they were a part of, or are exploring new religious options, this education component when it comes to faith can help an individual with future goals and help center an individual.

The development of a relationship with a higher power is something that is deeply personal, but this can be guided through faith based treatment programs in Kansas. If an individual has recently discovered a church, faith or program that is based on a higher power, this can be a new experience and can be so much more than just addiction recovery. If an individual can use their beliefs when it comes to recovery, they can put some of their efforts on this higher power to help them through recovery and to stay sober in the long term.

Group therapy and religious studies are a great way for an individual to find a community of like-minded individuals that might be going through the same hard times or recovery process. Having a support group through a church can be a great way to form long-standing bonds and befriend others who know what an addict is going through. By combining this with religious studies, those in faith based treatment programs in Kansas can work together and have activities that bond them further.

Ongoing Support and Relapse Prevention in Kansas

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that roughly 50 percent of all recovering addicts will relapse at some point in their recovery. Whether an individual’s personal recovery in Kansas is faith based or not, the most important part of this is that a recovering addict believes in it and wants to continue. The great thing about faith based healing is that it comes from inside an individual, but it also provides a community that can rally around an individual and provide support.

Ongoing support and aftercare is something that faith based healing excels at. Support groups and 12-step programs are designed for an individual to believe in a higher power that will help them through addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both have roots in this philosophy, and they are still popular today because they work.

By feeling connected to those around them, those who are in a church or faith based support group will feel accountable and that those around them are counting on an individual to be a part of the community. This kind of community aspect can help an individual stay in recovery in the long run more so than more individual-based treatments. Faith based healing has been a component of various care facilities and programs for years, and has proven to be an effective type of treatment for those who are seeking a faith or church-based healing method in their life.

Faith based treatment can change your life for the better. Please call an addiction specialist today to learn more about how to get started.