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Family Therapy in Kansas


Family therapy is becoming more commonplace in addiction therapy, both in an inpatient and outpatient setting. Addiction does not only affect the individual. Those with addiction problems can cause this to spill over into their family unit and can cause pain and further troubles for one’s family as well. It is important to point out that this isn’t completely an addict’s fault. Families can play an active role in a loved one’s addiction and can even enable further addiction and abuse without even realizing it. Family therapy in Kansas is a way for families to heal and provide support and love for one another with the contingency that an addict stays focused on recovery.

A Family’s Role in Addiction

Addiction doesn’t just happen to a family. There might be trust issues or pain from an addict’s behavior, but chances are a family has been an ongoing part in an addict’s disease. It can be hard to watch a family member struggle with addiction, and parents and spouses might try to minimize the damages that addiction can cause or help an addict stay functional in areas of their life.

This can involve covering for an addict if they need to miss work or appointments, shouldering family responsibilities, or caring for an addict when they are high or going through withdrawals. These actions might seem on the surface as ways to keep a family going, but they can actually harm an addict over time.

Other times, therapy might be needed because family members are angry with their loved one for possibly lying, stealing or causing upheaval in one’s life. The best way to mend is through guided family therapy once an addict has made a pledge to get better and work towards successful recovery. 

Family Healing

Family therapy in Kansas is gaining traction in the inpatient process as a way to get loved ones involved. This will hopefully start a healthy practice of individual and family therapy for everyone that needs this from a family of addiction. Many times inpatient centers will bring together a few families at once that might be going through similar struggles or have recovering addicts that share similar backgrounds or stories. This can be a way for families to realize they aren’t the only ones going through an addiction and to hear from others in similar situations.

The goal in getting families on board at an early time in rehabilitation is to have them take the process seriously and hopefully continue therapy in an aftercare setting. Families that can show their support just by showing up and committing to therapy can make a world of difference when it comes to an addict’s success rate. 

Continued Care and Family Therapy in Kansas

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that over half of all recovering addicts will relapse at some point in their recovery. This statistic shows that a stronger aftercare component in addiction treatment must be fostered, and part of this can be through family therapy. Committing as a family to heal together in Kansas will hold an addict accountable and also make them realize they have a support system that hasn’t given up on them.

Sometimes family members might stop therapy after the mandatory therapy provided in an inpatient setting. Even if continued care was strongly recommended by a treatment programs, sometimes families think that their loved one is healed once they leave an addiction program and that further work isn’t needed on their part. By not committing to long-term therapy that has been recommended, family members might inadvertently harm a recovering addict’s chances of long-term success. By not taking their role seriously in the process, addicts might not feel supported. It is important that everyone around an addict gets the help that they need and the resources to move forward in a positive healing way for everyone.

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